Vapor Permeameter

The principle of the Vapor Permeameter is the same as that of the Diffusion Permeameter except that instead of a gas, any noncorrosive vapor is used and the flow rate of the vapor is determined.

Pressure Range0 - 100 psi (others available)
Resolution1 in 60,000
Intrusion Volume Range0 - 50 cc (others available)
Intrusion Volume Resolution0.01 cc
Sample Size1.5" diameter, 1" thick (others available)
Pore Size1000 µm - 0.06 µm

    • The sample chamber is maintained at a constant temperature for yielding reliable and reproducible data.
    • Fully automated
    • Very little operator involvement
    • Test time: Can be as little as a few minutes
    • Robust. Minimal maintenance
    • Measurable flow rate. As low as 10-4 cm3/s