Quality Control Porometer

The Quality Control Porometer is a Capillary Flow Porometer incorporating special design features so that it is simple to operate, requires very little operator involvement, is user friendly, takes only a few minutes per test, is compact, and requires very little maintenance.

Pressure Accuracy:0.15% of reading
Pressure:100 psi
Pressure & Flow Resolution:1/60,000 of full scale (1 part in 60,000)
Maximum Pore Size Detectable:500 mm
Minimum Pore Size Detectable:Varies with intrusion liquid
Flow Rates:Up to 200 SLPM (liters per minute)
Sample Sizes:Standard: 0.25" - 2.5" diameter (up to 1.5" thick)
Sample Geometry:Sheets, Rods, Tubes, Hollow Fibers, Cartridges, Powders

    • Fully automated and user friendly
    • Only a few minutes per test
    • Preset test parameters
    • Very little operator time and involvement
    • Ideal for quick generation of highly reproducible data
    • Uses a variety of sample shapes and sizes
    • Very little maintenance