PMI's Automated Gas Pycnometer is used to determine the true volume and true density of powders and bulk solids using high-precision volume measurements and density calculations. The true volume of a solid is calculated from the measured drop in pressure when a known amount of gas is allowed to expand into a chamber containing the sample. Thus, the true volume obtained by pycnometry includes any pore volume accessible to the gas. The Gas Pycnometer measures the true volume and density of solid powders such as calcined petroleum coke.

Sample size: 25 cc to 100cc
Pressure: 15 psi Accuracy: at least 0.01 %
Resolution: 1 in 60,000
Repeatibility: up to 0.01%
Power Requirements: 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Number of sample chambers: 1-5
Weight: 30 kg
Includes adapter to run sample size: 5-100 cc

    • 1m3 Pycnometer
    • Confirms to EN 15150 Standards
    • Automated Control
    • Non-destructive measurement
    • Stainless steel embodiment
    • Fully automated and simple to use
    • Highly reproducible & accurate results
    • Low required pressures; works with compressed air
    • No need for liquid nitrogen
    • Mercury-free, non-toxic wetting liquids reduces disposal related costs
    • Compatible PC & software to be supplied along with the machine
    • Samples are conditioned to remove any trapped air and contaminants
    • Option to purge by a suitable method