Macro/Micro/Nano Porometer

The new PMI Advanced Macro-Micro-Nano Porometer combines all of the benefits of our Capillary Flow Porometer and our Liquid-Liquid Porometer conveniently into one product. The machine yields objective, accurate and reproducible results, considerably reduces test duration, and requires minimal operator involvement. Advanced Porometers are fully automated and are designed for linear turbulance-free test has flow. Trusted PMI porometers, like the Advanced Macro-Micro-Nano Porometer, have been used for R&D and quality control in several industries worldwide for over 3 decades.

Pressure Range:0 - 500 psi
Pressure Accuracy:.15% of reading
Pore Size Range:3 nanometers - 500 microns
Resolution:1 in 60,000
Flow Resolution:0.0001 cc/min
Flow Rate:Up to 200 SLPM (liters per minute)
Sample Geometry:Sheets, rods, tubes, hollow fibers, cartridges, powders
Sample Size:

Standard: 5mm - 50mm diameter (Thins films up to 1” thick)

Standard: 5 mm - 60 mm diameter (up to 40 mm thick)

Others available

    • Pore diameters down to 3 nanometers are measurable
    • Application for Micro, Ultra and Nano Filtration
    • Mercury Free, Non-destructive testing
    • Very low liquid permeability measured
    • Fully automated, user friendly operation