Liquid-Liquid Porometer

Designed for pore structure characterization of materials such as membranes, filter media, ceramics, paper, textile, etc., having very small pore sizes. It is capable of measuring pore diameters, pore distribtuion and liquid flow rate of materials having very low permeability.

Pressure Range0 - 500 psi
Pore Size Range0.5 - 0.002 microns
Resolution1 in 60,000
Flow Resolution0.0001 cc/min
Sample Size5mm - 50mm diameter foil to 1" thick (other available)

    • Pore diameters down to several nanometers are measurable
    • Pressures needed are much less than those for capillary flow porometer
    • Very low liquid permeability measured
    • Fully automated, user friendly operation