Gas Diffusion Analyzer

The Gas Diffusion Analyzer is used to determine the transport of various gases through sheet-like materials under a wide range of static and dynamic conditions, which in turn, can be used to simulate real-world applications. The instrument is equipped with a mass spectrometer in order to detect low transfer rates, which permits testing under small gradients of concentration, pressure, or temperature. This instrument is ideal for small and even delicate sheet-like materials such as fabrics, films, laminates, papers, plastics, and boards of thicknesses below 1.25 inches. The versatility and convenience of this instrument make it the optimal research tool for characterizing the dynamic properties of your material under both standard and non-standard conditions.

Gas Concentration Measurement
Lowest Detectable Partial Pressure1 x 10-14 mbar
Mass Range

1 - 100 amu

1 - 200 amu

1 - 300 amu

Resolution0.5 - 2.5 amu
Lowest Detectable Concentration0.1 PPM (+/- 10 PPB accuracy)
Volumetric Flow Rate Measurement
Maximum Total Flow Rate530 scc/min (+/- 1% accuracy)
Maximum Test Gas Flow Rate30 scc/min (+/- 1% accuracy)
Differential Pressure Measurement
Range+/- 1335 Pa (+/- 5 Pa accuracy)
Temperature Measurement
Range-10 °C - 100 °C (+/- 0.5% accuracy)

    • Versatile and user-friendly software for:
      1. Fully automated tests
      2. Manual control of all system components
      3. Data collection, storage, analysis, and reporting
      4. Customized testing parameters
    • Ability to create a wide range of testing conditions, including:
      1. Rate/residence time
      2. Static or dynamic pressure gradients
      3. Static or dynamic temperature gradients
    • Applicable for a wide variety of sheet-like materials
    • High measurement speed, stability, and resolution
    • Interchangeability of system components
    • Durable stainless steel construction