Core Flooding Permeameter

The CFS machine is useful for the oil and mining industry. Rock core samples are able to be placed under pressure and temperature conditions, akin to those found deep underground, during the mining process, and is suitable for testing USS water and gas floods.

Types of Samples: Rock Cores (1inch to 1.5inch diameter, 1" to 6" length)
Types of Tests: High Pressure Permeability (fluids), High Pressure Permeability (gases)
Reported Values: Permeability, Differential pressure over time, Humidity over time, Inlet and Outlet pressure over time, Humidity over time, Temperature over time
Working Pressure Range: up to 10,000PSI
Humidity: up to 90% +/-1% of full range
Volume Capacity: 100cc
Machine Voltage: 220V
Machine communication: USB
  • 4 Inlet/Outlet
  • 3 Differential Pressure
Mass Flow Controller Range: 1000sccm
Back Pressure Regulator Range: max 10000PSI
Working Temperature: up to 150ºC +/-0.1ºC
Core Holder Orientation: Default-Horizontal 90º rotation
Pressure Transducer Range:
  • 10000PSI +/-0.1% of full range (Inlet and Outlet)
  • 5000PSI +/- 1% of full range (Upstream)
Flow Rate for injection pumps: 0.001 to 100sccm +/-1% of full range
Rock Core Dimensions: Rock Cores (1” to 1.5” diameter, 1" to 6" length)
Differential Pressure Gauge Range: 10, 100, 2000 PSI +/-0.5% of full range

    • Machine made out of corrosion resistant materials
    • Bypass valves for user protection
    • Automated temperature control
    • Automated pressure control
    • Automated humidity control for gases
    • Fully automated test and data acquisition
    • Simple sample setup
    • All parts for machine contained within single cabinet
    • Downstream wet gas meter for accuracy of gas flow
    • Fraction collector
    • Simple reporting software automatically performs calculations from data