Compression Liquid Extrusion Porosimeter

The PMI Compression Liquid Extrusion Porosimeter (LEP) has the unique ability to measure pore volume and pore diameter while keeping the sample under compressive stress. The instrument is employed for characterization of porous materials used in many industries such as biotech, pharmaceutical, food, and environment. It produces no harmful effects on personnel or environment.

Pressure Range0 - 100 psi (others available)
Resolution1 in 60,000
Intrusion Volume Range0.01 cc
Sample Size1.5" diameter, 1" thick (others available)
Pore Size Range1,000 µm - 0.05 µm
Compressive Stressup to 1,000 psi

    • Any desired compressive stress up to 1000 psi may be selected
    • Without dismantling the sample chamber, the pore structure of the same sample can be measured as a function of compressive stress
    • Fully automated operation with a minimum of operator involvement
    • One instrument performs like two: Measures liquid permeability like a permeameter, and pore volume like a Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter
    • No toxic material (like mercury) is used - no health hazards & no disposal related costs