PMI’s BET-Sorptometer is fully automated, volumetric gas sorption analyzer to measure accurately adsorption and desorption isotherms for the characterization of surface area, pore size distribution, pore volume and pore structure of micro and mesoporous materials as well as the kinetics of adsorption.

• Pore Diameter Range: Micropore to 500 nm 

• Dead end & Through pores 

• Surface Area Range: =0.01 m²/g (with Nitrogen ) 

• Pore Volume Range: = 4 X 10 cm³/g (with Nitrogen ) 

• Sample Chambers: 3 (able to operate simultaneously) 

• Gas inlet Ports: 2 

• Gas Adsorbates: Nitrogen, He, carbon -di-oxide (or any non-corrosive gas) 

• Sample Volume: 10 cc (other available on request) 

• Adsorption Temperature: -195.6ºC (with Liquid Nitrogen)

  • • Turbomolecular based pumping system for low pressure measurements 

    • In-situ degassing without the need to transfer sample thus avoiding contamination 

    • Fully upgradeable to Chemisorptions any time in future 

    • Automated Control with unlimited data point measurements 

    • Display of full adsorption and desorption isotherms 

    • Automated Control with Data Collection and ability to export data to MS  Excel or other Programs