PMI’s BET Sorptometer has a multitude of applications in industries worldwide. Some applicable industries include Catalyst and Carbon, Oil & Gas Industry/Geoscience, Battery/Fuel Cells Industry, Chemical Industry, Ceramic Industry, Filtration Industry, Paper Industry, Pharmaceutical/Medical Industry, Powder Metallurgy Industry and the Automotive Industry.

Isotherm: Up to unlimited data points (per station), adsorption and desorption, hysteresis plot
Gas Inlet Ports: 5
Pressure Measurement Ranges & Resolutions:
Low: 0 to 0.1 mm Hg Transducer (typical):0.0000001mmHg resolution
Medium: 0 to 10 mm Hg Transducer (typical):0.00001mmHg resolution
High: 0 to 1000 mm Hg Transducer (typical):0.001mmHg resolution
Sample Characteristics
Pore Size Range: 3.5 Å – 500 nm
Surface Area Range (in m²/g): 0.0005 (krypton) to no known upper limit
Surface Area Range (in m²/g): 0.01( Nitrogen) to no known upper limit
Micropore Volume (min): 0.0001 cc/g
Adsorption Temperature: -195.6°C (Liquid Nitrogen)
Power Requirements: 110/200 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    • Continuous saturation pressure measurement capability.
    • Oil-free high vacuum system for analysis.
    • Separate oil-free high vacuum system for degas.
    • Capability for all common analysis gases: N , Ar, Kr, CH , CO , H ,CO, NH and other non corrosive gases
    • Only one transducer to be used at any time; the same transducer used for measuring the dosed gas pressure is also used for measuring the equilibrated pressure.
    • Dedicated pressure transducer for continuous P₀ monitoring.
    • Dead-end & Through-pores