PMI’s BET-Sorptometer is fully automated, volumetric gas sorption analyzer to measure accurately adsorption and desorption isotherms for the characterization of surface area, pore size distribution, pore volume and pore structure of micro and mesoporous materials as well as the kinetics of adsorption.

•  Pore Size Range: 1nm to > 200 nm 

•  Surface Area Range (in m²/g): 0.01 

•  Gas Adsorbates: Nitrogen, Krypton 

•  Sample Volume: 10 cc (others available) 

•  Micropore Volume Range: Detectable within 0.0001 cc/g 

•  Sample Chamber: 1 

•  Vacuum Level: Up to 10-3   Torr

  • •  In situ outgassing: No need for extra outgassing stations 

    •  Automated Control 

    •  Both Single and Multi point BET 

    •  Display of full adsorption and desorption isotherms 

    •  BJH pore size distribution 

    •  DFT pore size method 

    •  Langmuir Surface Area 

    •  deBoer t-plot method (for measurement of micro pore volume in cc/g & micropore area   in m²/g) 

    •  Micropore size distribution (by Horvath-Kawazoe method)