Automatic Pulse Decay Porosimeter/Permeameter

The rock core sample is loaded in a holder and confining pressure is applied. The system is then charged with test gas to the desired pore pressure. Adequate time is given to allow this pressure to fully saturate the sample. After reaching equilibrium the upstream and downstream portions of the system are isolated from each other. A pulse is then created by raising the upstream pressure (or lowering the downstream pressure). Data is recorded throughout this process and is used in conjunction with known system volumes to calculate gas flow rates and permeability. The equipment is fully automated. Execution of the test, data acquisition, data storage and data management are all carried out by PMI Software. Operator involvement is minimal, and the instrument is robust and requires a minimal amount of care.

Porosity in % or in fraction terms :0.0 to 40.0% (Accuracy=0.02% of true value)
Sample size :1.0 inch and 1.5 inch diameter core plugs and length up to 3.125 inch
Gas supply :Compressed Air/ Nitrogen/ Helium will be supplied by an external source. However, devices for filtering and drying up of gases are installed with equipment being offered.
Core Holder :Hassler type of core samples of 1.0 inch and 1.5 inch diameter for grain volume/ pore volume measurement.
Confining Pressure :Up to 5000 psi with a suitable pressure transducer be provided for measuring the pressure up to 5000 psi.
Pressure Transducers :

Range :

0 to 5000 Psi or compatible to the equipment

Accuracy : 0.5% or better

Air Permeability Range : 0.001 to 10,000 mD
Confining Pressure range : Upto 5000 psi
Core Plug : Diameter 1.0 inch & 1.5 inch
Core Plug : Length Upto 3.125 inch or more
Check Plugs : Set of Permeability plugs of 1.0 inch and 1.5 inch diameter covering entire range.
Core holder for permeability to air determination : Quick release Hassler core holder to accommodate 1.0" and 1.5" diameter core samples and capable to deliver confining pressure up to 5000 psi.
Software and data acquisition system : The data acquisition and control software are user friendly customized software operating on windows OS and allow the direct measurement of Permeability & Klinkenberg permeability. Licensed version of operation software, TFT color monitor, Intel core i7 processor or above with minimum 500 GB HDD, 4 GB RAM, High resolution graphic card and a DVD RW, Laser color printer.
Digital Caliper Least count 0.01 mm.

  • Gas/Helium Porosimeter
    • Gas porosimeter allows to determine grain volume, bulk volume and porosity of core plugs of diameter 1 inch and 1.5 inch under ambient conditions and reservoir stress conditions.
    • It is a self-sufficient, computer controlled unit inclusive of matrix cup for grain volume determination, reference cell, core holder, tubing, valves, digital read out devices, transducers, gauges and regulators etc.
    • Core holder permit to change the core plugs without dismantling the core holder and facilitate routine analysis of large number of samples in succession.
    • Equipment be supplied along with standard calibration check plugs to calibrate the equipment at different stage of time covering the entire range.
    • The instrument is computer based and capable of performing automatic data acquisition analysis, processing so as to give following parameters:
      1. Pore volume
      2. Grain volume
      3. Grain density
      4. Bulk volume
      5. Porosity at ambient and under reservoir conditions.
      6. Overburden Pressure up to 5000 psi
    • System offered duly coupled with suitable PC controller consisting of operating software, application software, hard copy printer, color monitor and a laser color printer.
    • All wetted parts are made of corrosion resistant material and full system is rust proof.
    Air/Gas Permeameter
    • The Gas Permeameter allow to determine gas permeability, slip factor and Klinkenberg corrected permeability of core samples to be based on unsteady state pressure drop method.
    • Self-sufficient, computer controlled unit inclusive of core holder for 1.0 inch and 1.5 inch diameter samples, tubings, valves, digital readout devices, upstream and downstream pressure transducers, gauges and regulators etc.
    • Quick change of sample plug facilitating analysis of many samples.
    • Standard check plugs covering entire range.
    • All the wetted and non-wetted parts are corrosion resistant.
    Control and data processing system for both units

    The system function and operations are controlled through a user friendly compatible computer system of latest version. The configuration of the system are including all necessary interfaces for smooth functioning of total systems. The system hardware and software with following minimum facilities:

    • Data porting: The system have necessary interfaces so as to exchange data and communicate with the main unit.
    • Data acquisition & processing system : The system have necessary hardware and software to control and analyze the acquired data so as to provide final results using Boyle's law. TFT color monitor, Intel core i7 processor or above with minimum 500 GB HDD, 4 GB RAM, High resolution graphic card and a DVD RW and a Laser color printer.
    • Software: Latest window base operating software as well as Licensed version.