Automated Humid Air Porometer

Advanced Automated Porometers yield very objective, accurate and reproducible results, considerably reduce test duration, and require minimal operator involvement. The machine is fully automated and designed for linear turbulance-free test gas flow. The pressure is measured close to the sample and therefore, the correction term in the differential pressure measurement is minimized. Required amount of pressure is uniformly applied to the o-ring seals on the sample and the need for hand-tightening of the cap on the sample chamber is eliminated. Automatic addition of wetting liquid reduces test time appreciably. This sophisticated instrument has found applications in a wide variety of industries.

Pore Size Range:0.013 - 200 microns
Premeability Range:1 x 10 -3 - 50 Darcies
Sample Size:1.75” - 2.5” diameter
Maximum Pressure:500 psi
Pressurizing Gas:Clean, dry, and compressed air or nonflammable and noncorrosive gas
Pressure Transducer Range:0 - 500 psi
Flow Rate:200 LPM
Resolution:1 in 60,000
Accuracy:0.15% of reading
Mass Flow Transducer Range:10 cm³/min - 500,000 m³/min
Power Requirements:110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz (others available)
Dimension:61” H x 30” W x 26” D

    • No need to undo the sample chamber for wetting the sample
    • Considerable reduction in test duration
    • The sample is not disturbed during wetting
    • Exactly the same area is tested
    • Results are more accurate and reproducible
    • The sample chamber at the bottom of the piston rod contains o-rings on the outside to prevent leak between the insert and the sample housing of the sample chamber
    • The need for cutting samples for testing is eliminated
    • Testing of small samples as well as complete parts
    • Many sample geometries (example: sheets, rods, tubes, hollow fibers, cartridges, and powders)
    • Use of many nonwetting liquids (example: water, alcohol, silwick and galwick)
    • Tests in QC, research, or any number of user-defined modes
    • See-through sample chamber available for visual observation of test
    • Real-time graphical display
    • Windows-based software for all control, measurement, data collection, data reduction, and report preparation
    • Fully automated and computer controlled