Automated Air Pressure Control System with Encoder

The PMI Automated Pressure Control System with encoder provides precise pressure generation and control from atmospheric pressure up to 2000 PSI.

Working Fluid H20, Oil, Alcohol
Pressure Range 0-2,000 PSI
Pressure Transducer0-2,000 psi (Accuracy: Up to 0.1 % FS)
System Resolution1/65536
System Control Accuracy+/- 0.2 % FS
Power Requirements110 VAC, 60 Hz (220 VAC, 50Hz optional)
Dimensions51” H x 28.5” W x 26” D

    • Highly accurate pressure transducer monitors system pressure and provides feedback. Allows multiple user-defined target pressures, holding times, dwell times, and pressurization rates
    • Multi-level, fail-safe system provides over-pressurization protection
    • Windows-based software handles all control, measurement, data collection, and report generation; complete manual control also possible
    • Compatible with Windows 98 and higher
    • Real-time graphical test display depicts testing status and results throughout operation
    • Multiple pressure outlet ports available
    • Automatic pressure generator refill for high volume situations
    • Minimal maintenance required
    • Customized report formats available