Aquapore Water Intrusion Porosimeter

Aquapore is a liquid intrusion porosimeter used for hydrophobic pores. Water does not wet hydrophobic pores. Intrusion of water into pores occurs on application of pressure. Measured intrusion volume of water yields pore volume and measured intrusion pressure yields pore diameter

  • Optical encoder utilized for measuring the change in volume
  • Windows controlled, fully automated test unit
  • Maximum pressure of 30,000 psi - custom models capable of 60,000 psi
  • Pure liquid (water or industrial alcohol) used with precise pressure control and pressurization - No mercury required!
  • Total pore volume, pore size distribution and hysteresis of pores ranging from 20 to 0.005 microns

    • Uses no toxic materials like mercury
    • Completely automated windows based simple operation
    • An order of magnitude lower intrusion pressure compared with mercury intrusion & minimal distortion of pore structure
    • Much less expensive instrument compared with mercury intrusion porosimeter pore diameter range from 20 to 0.002 microns