APDP-10K & CFP-1500AEL

APDP: The PMI’s Advanced automated pulse decay Permeameter is used to measure gas permeability of rock samples with very low permeability. Use of the pulse decay method allows for the measurement of samples that would be impractical to analyze using traditional steady-state techniques. CFP iPore-1500AEL: The iPore is an advanced capillary flow porometer series, which yields accurate and reproducible data. Each model has appropriate measuring systems with pressure control, sensing, acquisition and data analysis software, sample holders, various unique upgrade options, accessory and consumable kit.

Automated Pulse Decay Permeameter
Pore Pressure: 150 psi - 250 psi
Confining Pressure: 1,000 PSI - 10,000 psi
Core Sample Diameter: 1” & 1.5”
Core Sample Length: 1” to 3”
Permeability Range: 0.01mD to 10D
Porosity Range: 0.1% > 60%
Resolution: 0.1% of full scale
Accuracy: 0.25% or Better
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1°C
Pressure Transducer Range: 0.25% F.S.
Power Requirements: 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz (Others Available)
iPore CFP-1500AEL
Pore Size Range: 0.013 to 80 µm
Permeability Range: 10 to 50 darcies
Confining Pressure: 1,000 psi to 10,000 psi
Pressure & Flow Resolution: 1/60,000 of full scale ( 1 part in 60,000)
Pressure sensing accuracy: 0.1 of F.S.
Power Supply: 110 VAC, 60 Hz

  • Automated Pulse Decay Permeameter
    • Liquid Permeability Function is by Penetrometer (higher sensitivity and accuracy compared to weighing balance system. Also liquid filling and draining is automatic)
    • Fully automated Permeameter System.
    • Gas permeability determination based on the unsteady State pressure falloff method.
    • Includes data acquisition, calculation and reporting software includes calculation of Klinkenberg corrected permeability.
    • User-friendly Windows based software handles all control, measurement, data collection and report generation
    • Complete manual control from software
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Length of test varies with sample, test to 7 days or more continuously
    • The machine has many advanced hardware and software features not available from other manufacturers.
    iPore CFP-1500AEL
    • Testing of small samples as well as complete parts
    • Any sample geometry (Example: sheets, rods, tubes, hollow fibers, cartridges & powders) can be used with selection of appropriate sample holders (options available)
    • Any nonwetting liquid
    • Tests in QC, research or any number of user defined modes
    • Real time graphic display
    • Window based software for all control, measurements, data collection, data reduction and report preparation
    • Automatic piston movement to close the chamber while starting the test
    • Region of interest doesn’t change due to automatic piston movement
    • Measurement of pressure close to the sample to minimize pressure drop correction
    • Straight flow path avoiding turbulence
    • Versatile sample chamber for a variety of samples and test modes
    • Pore Structure ctharacteristics:
      • Mean Pore Size
      • Pore Size Distribution
      • Pore Flow % Distribution
      • Pore Number Distribution
      • Bubble Point (the largest through pore throat diameter)
      • Bubble Point Mean flow pore diameter (50% of flow is through pores smaller than the mean flow pore)
      • Pore Surface Area
      • Gas Permeability in many desired units including Frazier, Gurley, Rayl & Darcy
      • Liquid Permeability
      • Diameter of the most constricted part of a through pore (Pore throat)
      • Unlimited Data Points