Advanced Porosimeter Permeameter

The PMI Advanced Automated Multi-Chamber Porosimeter-Permeameter has been specially designed for testing up to twelve core samples simultaneously. Core samples are held with a sleeve (pneumatic or hydraulic) which compresses the sample to the desired pressure. While the rock sample is under compressive stress, the permeability of gases are measured. This sophisticated instrument utilizes equipment that is fully automated. Execution of the test, data acquisition, data storage, and data management are all performed by the user-friendly software. Operator involvement is minimal and the robust machine requires a minimal amount of care.

Injection Pressure3,000 psi
Confining Pressure400 to 10,000 psi (pneumatic/hydraulic)
Core Length1" to 4" and custom
Core Diameter1" insert to accomodate roves of different sizes
Permeability Range0.001 md to 15 darcy
Porosity Range0.1 - 40%
Multi-Sample Chamber Unitup to 12 sample chambers
Power requirements11/220 VAC, 50/60Hz