Advanced Membrane Manufacturing Apparatus for Hollow Fibers or Flat Sheets

Solutions for making membranes are thoroughly mixed at desired temperature and pressure. The chemicals are shaped in to flat sheets or hollow fibers and allowed to coagulate at the desired temperature.

• The unit is compatible with fabricating different membrane models, including hollow fiber and flat sheet modules.
• The unit is capable to process different types of polymeric materials.
• Mean Pore Size: 0.01-50 microns
• ID, OD and Wall Thickness: Dependant on Spinnerette Polymer before OD, Needle OD,Needle ID
• Length: 50 ft. plus
• Mean Pore Size: 0.01-50 microns
• Thickness: 0.001" - 0.02"
• Length: 3-4 ft.
• Width: 6" max

Hollow Fiber Membrane Making Apparatus

Flat Sheet Membrane Making Apparatus

  • PMI Membrane Manufacturing Machines can be used to create cast Flat Sheet Membranes and Hollow Fiber Membranes. The machine permits adjustment of fabrication parameters so that membranes with different characteristics could be made for development, research, and many wide varieties of application and filtration.