Advanced Capillary Pressure and Resistive Tester

A rock sample is held in the sample chamber and compressive stress is applied. While the sample is under compressive stress, the desired properties are measured. The PMI Automated Capillary Pressure and Resistive Tester is used to determine the properties of cut samples at certain confining pressure while measuring resistance.

Permeability Range:up to 5 Darcy
Confining Pressure:up to 10000 psi (or more)
Liquid Flow Range:0.01-10cc/min or wider
Flow (pore) Pressure Range:up to 750psi
Capillary Pressure:up to 1500 psi or more
Standard Core Plug Diameter:1.5"
Core Plug Length:Up to 5-7 CM long
Power Requirements:220-240 VAC 50 Hz 1 Phase
Weight:110 Kg

    • Computer Processing and Data Storage
    • Non-destructive testing
    • Real-time graphical test display depicts testing status and results throughout operation
    • All wetted parts made of 316 Stainless Steel for longevity in brine, water, refined oil, or dead oil
    • User-friendly, Windows-based software handles all control, measurement, data collection, and report generation; complete manual control also possible
    • PC system for data acquisition consists of core i5 Intel processor, 2GB ram, 300GB HDD, 17" monitor, latest operating system and MS office