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about PMI

Porous Materials Inc., USA manufactures novel platforms for testing of porous materials and is a well recognized market leader in porosity solutions. With more than 35 years experience, PMI provides a wide array of lab instruments targeted at both academia and industries for analysis of powder and bulk materials.

Our instruments can measure surface area, density, pore size, pore size distribution, specific gas and vapor interactions (Porometer, Porosimeter, Permeameter, Pycnometer, BET Sorptometer and many more). We also manufacture and provide a broad range of lab instrumentation for the Oil & Gas industry (Rock Core Analysis Instruments). The testing services division of PMI offers contract testing services for a wide variety of pore characterization tests. In addition, we hold several US and International patents on novel technology for characterization of pore structure.

Porous Materials Inc. has blossomed into a global enterprise and have noticed exponential growth. Porous Materials Inc.'s corporate headquarters has a manufacturing facility, R&D, and material testing lab,located in Ithaca, New York. There are regional offices in Germany, India, China and Dubai. In addition, we have a global network of distributors in more than 50+ countries.

Dr. Krishna Gupta

Founder - Porous Materials Inc.

D r. Krishna Gupta founded Porous Materials Inc. in 1978 as he was completing his post-doctoral work at Cornell University in Materials Science. At the time, Dr. Gupta realized the need for novel platforms for testing the porous structure of a variety of materials, and that one single technique would not suffice. Dr. Gupta holds a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science from IIT-Kanpur.


Gilberto Aprea- Scientist Engineer, Fater S.p.A.

"W e contacted first time Porous Materials Inc. in order to buy a Liquid Extrusion Porosimeter (LEP) and this project pointed out the concern for quality and attention to detail that the company has. The company did an excellent job and they provided reliable solutions to every issue that we faced during the customization of the instrument for our application. In our opinion it has been the knowledge and the creativity of the company that resulted in such impressive results. I strongly recommend the services of the company and I am looking forward to working with the company again in the future."