In-Plane Porometer

The sample chamber of the In-Plane Porometer is such that gas is allowed to displace liquid in pores to move radially from the center to the periphery of a sheet shaped sample. Suitable sample configurations give in-plane pore structures of multi-layered materials.

Fuel Cell Porometer

The PMI Fuel Cell Porometer provides fully automated through-pore analysis including pore-throat diameter, pore size distribution, mean flow pore diameter, and liquid & gas permeability. The porometer’s versatility allows the user to simulate operating conditions. The instrument has special features to measure the effects of compressive stress on a sample, test temperature, sample orientation, and layered structure on pore structure characteristics. The fully automated, user-friendly Fuel Cell Porometer is an asset in quality control and R&D environments.

Filtration Media Analyzer

The PMI Filtration Media Analyzer is designed to meet the through-pore measurement needs of the filtration industry. The Filtration Media Analyzer provides fully-automated analysis of bubble point, pore size distribution, mean pore size, gas, liquid, and Frazier permeability, filter integrity and hydro-head. Testing under compression, tension, and elevated temperature is also possible, thereby allowing the user to simulate actual operating conditions.

Cyclic Compression Porometer

The instrument applies cyclic stress on a sample and measures the pore structure characteristics after a desired number of cycles. The stress cycles and testing after any desired number of cycles are automatically continued.

Custom Porometers

The characteristics of porous material are unique and often very complex. The customer desires to test his unique porous material and measure the pore structure characteristics relevant to his applications. Therefore, a custom porometer designed to meet the specific requirements of a customer is appropriate and economical.

Compression Porometer

The pore structure characteristics of products experiencing considerable stress during service could be appreciably different from those evaluated in the laboratory. This award winning instrument provides a unique opportunity for evaluating the component under true service conditions.

Complete Filter Cartridge Analyzer

The PMI Complete Filter Cartridge Analyzer provides fully automated through-pore analysis of entire filter cartridges of various geometries. Tests include bubble point, pore size distribution, mean pore size, gas, liquid, and Frazier permeability, and filter integrity. Sample chamber design permits use of cartridges having diameter and length over a wide range. Featuring non-destructive testing in less than 10 minutes, PMI's Complete Filter Cartridge Analyzer is perfect for quality control and R&D studies.

Cake Forming Porometer

This is a unique instrument - capable of creating cakes in-situ on filtration media and characterizing pore structure characteristics of filtration media with and without cake. The cake is able to be created under a wide range of test conditions. The instrument is used for cost effective analysis of cake filtration processes and development of appropriate technologies.

Liquid-Liquid Porometer & Bubble Point Tester

In LLP, two immiscible & saturated wetting liquids are used. Pores are filled with the first liquid, then the second liquid is pressurized to displace the first liquid and flow through the pores. The amount of liquid flowing out is measured. The second liquid's flow rate and differential pressure are measured. Pore distributions are computed as with CFP. In ABPT, bubble point determination is done through a liquid expulsion technique.

Bubble Point Analyzer

The PMI Bubble Point Tester provides a fast and accurate measurement of a material's largest through-pore (bubble point). User-friendly and fully-automated, the Bubble Point Tester produces reproducible and precise results.