Advanced Capillary Flow Porometer

The PMI Capillary Flow Porometer is used for R&D and quality control in industries worldwide such as filtration, nonwovens, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, household, food, hygienic products, fuel cell, water purification, and battery. Samples often tested include filter media, membranes paper, powders, ceramics, battery separators and health care products.

Advanced Permeability Porometer

The PMI Advanced Perm Porometer is capable of measuring pore throat diameter, bubble point, mean flow pore diameter, pore diameter range, and pore size distribution.

Advanced Pore Pro Porometer

The PMI Pore Pro Porometer is a low pressure instrument designed for the determination of pore size in geotextile fabrics. The robust instrument is easy to use and provides fast and accurate testing results on a variety of geotextile samples. Conforms to standard ASTM 316-03.

Automated Filter Cartridge Tester

The PMI Automated Filter Cartridge Tester provides fully automated through-pore analysis of entire filter cartridges of various geometries. Tests include bubble point, pore size distribution, mean pore size, gas, liquid, and Frazier permeability, and filter integrity. Sample chamber design permits use of cartridges having diameter and length over a wide range from several feet to several inches.

Automated Humid Air Porometer

Advanced Automated Porometers yield very objective, accurate and reproducible results, considerably reduce test duration, and require minimal operator involvement. The machine is fully automated and designed for linear turbulance-free test gas flow. The pressure is measured close to the sample and therefore, the correction term in the differential pressure measurement is minimized. Required amount of pressure is uniformly applied to the o-ring seals on the sample and the need for hand-tightening of the cap on the sample chamber is eliminated. Automatic addition of wetting liquid reduces test time appreciably. This sophisticated instrument has found applications in a wide variety of industries.

Simple Porometer

The unique features of the instrument, especially its ability to generate highly reproducible data quickly, make it highly suitable for quality control and process control operations. The instrument is used in these applications in a wide variety of industries.

Quality Control Porometer

The Quality Control Porometer is a Capillary Flow Porometer incorporating special design features so that it is simple to operate, requires very little operator involvement, is user friendly, takes only a few minutes per test, is compact, and requires very little maintenance.

Multipoint Simultaneous Pore Structure Analyzer

All the models of this instrument are similar. In one model the sheet to be tested is made to pass through two flat parallel plates. The top plate has straight through cylindrical holes to accommodate inverted cup shaped sample chambers and about two inch diameter samples. The bottom plate also has through holes aligned with the holes in the top plate. There are five chambers over the product width of about twenty inches. The chamber has gaskets at its bottom rim to make a pressure tight seal with the sheet when the chamber goes down the hole in the top plate to make contact with the sheet. The top of the chamber is connected to the pressure transducer to measure pressure just above the sample. The sample chamber is also connected to a gas line to supply pressurized gas to the chamber. The outlet of a small valve for discharging a specified amount of wetting liquid on the sample in the sample chamber is allowed to pass in to the chamber. The valve is computer controlled to discharge the wetting liquid at the desired time.

Microflow Porometer

The PMI Microflow Porometer is a Capillary Flow Porometer with the ability to measure pore structure and permeability in nearly impermeable materials. This instrument is user-friendly and fully automated. The Microflow Porometer is an asset in quality control and R&D environments.

Macro/Micro/Nano Porometer

The new PMI Advanced Macro-Micro-Nano Porometer combines all of the benefits of our Capillary Flow Porometer and our Liquid-Liquid Porometer conveniently into one product. The machine yields objective, accurate and reproducible results, considerably reduces test duration, and requires minimal operator involvement. Advanced Porometers are fully automated and are designed for linear turbulance-free test has flow. Trusted PMI porometers, like the Advanced Macro-Micro-Nano Porometer, have been used for R&D and quality control in several industries worldwide for over 3 decades.

Liquid-Liquid Porometer

Designed for pore structure characterization of materials such as membranes, filter media, ceramics, paper, textile, etc., having very small pore sizes. It is capable of measuring pore diameters, pore distribtuion and liquid flow rate of materials having very low permeability.

Integrity Analyzer

The PMI Integrity Tester provides fully automated analysis of filter integrity. The integrity test detects small amounts of flow through the sample before the bubble point is reached. The user-friendly Integrity Analyzer features non-destructive testing and can test a wide variety of samples. The integrity test can also measure bubble point.