Gas Adsorption and Permeation Analyzer

The unique analyzer can determine the absoption and transport of various gases through a sheet-like material under a wide range of dynamic conditions, which in turn, can be used to simulate real-world applications. The instrument is equipped with sensitive sensors to detect small concentrations. The instrument is ideal for small and even delicate sheet-like materials such as fabrics or films. The flow rates of two streams of nitrogen gas are independently controlled using two flow controllers. One of the gas streams is saturated by passing through bubblers containing carbon tetrachloride. The two streams mix, and a sample of the gas mixture is analyzed. The mixed gas passes through the sample from the top chamber to the bottom chamber. The gas exiting from the bottom chamber is analyzed. The gas then passes through a flow meter. Flow can be controlled within 1-5 L/min. By controlling the amount of saturated gas that mixes with the N2 stream through a feedback loop, it is possible to control the CCL4 contained in the gas stream between 0.1-10 mg/L. Two 3-way valves provided in the gas line permit the operator to bypass the sample chamber in order to acheive the correct concentration of CCL4 in the N2 stream.

Frazier Permeability Tester

The PMI Advanced Frazier Permeability Tester is able to calculate fabric resistance (woven, knitted and non woven textile materials) to the passage of air like parachute. The machine provides fast and accurate measurement of gas permeability of solid, cylindrical and sheet samples. Featuring nondestructive testing and fast results, our tester is perfect for both R&D and quality control.

Envelope Surface Area Analyzer

PMI's Envelope Surface Area Analyzer (ESA) offers a simple, fast, and reliable technique for external surface area measurement - a measurement not readily achieved by static nitrogen adsorption (BET) methods. The ESA's innovative use of flow permeametry combined with its sophisticated self-adjusting viscous-flow controller enables testing of a wide range of powders and other samples, including materials with surface areas of only several square meters per gram.