Frazier Permeability Tester & Average Fiber Diameter Analyzer

The PMI Advanced Frazier Permeability Tester is able to calculate fabric resistance (woven, knitted and non woven textile materials) to the passage of air. The machine provides fast and accurate measurement of gas permeability of solid, cylindrical and sheet samples. Featuring nondestructive testing and fast results, our machine is perfect for both R&D and quality control. PMI’s Average fiber diameter analyzer (AFA) offers a simple, fast, and reliable technique for Average fiber diameter measurement - a measurement not readily achieved by static nitrogen adsorption (BET) methods. The AFA’s innovative use of flow permeametry combined with its sophisticated self-adjusting viscous flow controller enables testing of a wide range of powders and other samples, including materials with surface areas of only several square meters per gram.


The PMI Computer Controlled HPHT Consistometer Model PMI-CM-40K, is designed to measure the cement slurry viscosity under high pressure and temperature. The instrument features a rotating slurry cup that turns at speeds up to 150 rpm and a stationary paddle-style sensor. User-specified conditions of temperature and pressure are applied to the test chamber as the magnetically-driven cup rotates and the slurry flows against the paddle. The torque applied to the paddle as the slurry cup revolves is used to determine the slurry consistency. This instrument is used to test cement thickening behavior under almost any down hole well conditions. The instrument is designed for Easy Operation via computer Control, enabling the operator to perform accurate, dependable test operations with minimal preparation time. The innovative hardware design makes the instrument easy to set up, easy to use and easy to clean. The custom PC software included with each unit allows the user to construct test sequences, run tests, and interpret test results quickly and with efficiency.

Dean Stark Setup

The PMI Dean Stark extractor setup may be used to determine fluid saturation of core samples.

DFP-100-1 & DMPC-500A

Many applications of porous materials require very low gas permeability through these materials. Such applications are found in many industries including biotech, healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, packaging, environmental, power sources and chemical industries. Determination of the magnitudes of flow rates of multiple gas through materials used in these applications is important for evaluation of products. The PMI Dynamic Moisture Permeation Analyzer is capable of measuring water vapor transmission through porous media such as textiles, leathers, man made materials, membranes, nonwovens, and fabrics used in numerous high technology components and consumer products manufactured by a variety of industries. The instrument has the unique ability to measure vapor transmission rate over a wide range of humidity, temperature, and pressure under gradients of humidity, temperature, and pressure encountered in application environments.


The PMI Drill Press is of high standard in terms of quality, design material and workmanship. PMI keeps their priority to meet customers in the field of Construction, Wood Working, Metal Working, and Engineering Segments by adding new innovations to their product range.

Emulsion Polymerization Reactor

The PMI Advanced Emulsion Polymerization Reactor is for polymer synthesis under temperature and pressure control.