Advanced Capillary Pressure and Resistive Tester

A rock sample is held in the sample chamber and compressive stress is applied. While the sample is under compressive stress, the desired properties are measured. The PMI Automated Capillary Pressure and Resistive Tester is used to determine the properties of cut samples at certain confining pressure while measuring resistance.

Automated Air Pressure Control System with Encoder

The PMI Automated Pressure Control System with encoder provides precise pressure generation and control from atmospheric pressure up to 2000 PSI.

Automated Air Pressure Leak Tester

The PMI Automated Air Pressure Leak Tester provides precise pressure generation and control from atmospheric pressure up to 5076 PSI.

Automated Atmospheric Acoustic Velocity System

When a wave with known properties passes through a new medium, the wave will have changed after leaving the other side of the medium.

Combined Capillary Flow Porometer and Liquid Extrusion Porosimeter

Capillary Flow Porometer The PMI Capillary Flow Porometer is used for R&D and quality control in industries worldwide such as filtration, nonwovens, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, household, food, hygienic products, fuel cell, water purification, and battery. Samples often tested include filter media, membranes, paper, powders, ceramics, battery separators and health care products. Liquid Extrusion Porosimeter The PMI Liquid Extrusion Porosimeter is a unique instrument with the ability to measure through-pore volume, volume distribution and liquid permeability without using mercury. The instrument is employed for characterization of porous materials used in many industries such as biotech, pharmaceutical, filtration, food, and environment. It produces no harmful effects on personnel or environment.

Automated Burst Pressure Tester

The APP Automated Burst Pressure Tester (ABPT) determines the exact pressure at which materials burst or fail within a pressure range of atmospheric to 5000 PSI (pneumatic system) and atmospheric to 60,000 PSI (hydraulic system). The ABPT is completely microprocessor controlled and fully automated.

Automated Hydraulic Pressure Leak Tester

The PMI Automated Hydraulic Pressure Leak Tester provides precise pressure generation and control from atmospheric pressure up to 60,000 PSI. The APCS is completely microprocessor controlled and fully automated. The system allows user to define multiple target pressures, holding times, and pressurization rates. The APCS can be incorporated into an already existing larger system, or operate independently.

Back Pressure Regulator

The PMI Back Pressure Regulator(BPR) is designed to provide precise control of applied pressure to a system.

Combined Catalyst System_AMP-2K-1-BET-201A-PYC-G100A

PMI AUTOMATED - Combined Catalyst System BET/ Porosimeter/ Helium Pycnometer (All in one system) / AMP-2K-1-BET-201A-PYC-G100A

Humidity Controlled Oven

The PMI Humidity Controlled Oven(HCO) has been designed to provide an accurate temperature and humidity controlled chamber with a simple user interface for convenience.

Reservoir Fluid PVT System

The fully visual Fluid Eval PVT system is designed to study phase behavior of reservoir fluids at reservoir conditions of pressure and temperature. The PVT cell is based on a window through cell offering full sample visibility. It is particularly interesting when visual observation of the fluid must be accomplished such as in swelling tests, volatile oil studies, gas condensate studies, etc. The system uses an embedded high pressure pump to control the pressure and volume of the reservoir fluid in the cell. A motorized rocking system permits the cell to rock for faster recombination and also puts the cell in the correct position before the fluid volume measurement takes place. A video camera system records the fluid phases in real time while video tools enable the end-user to retrieve the volume of each phase versus pressure and temperature. A magnetic coupled stirrer mounted inside the sample chamber provides efficient fluid mixing and ensures fast equilibrium of sample phases. Homogeneous sample heating is provided by heating cartridges inserted in the cell body.

APDP-10K & CFP-1500AEL

APDP: The PMI’s Advanced automated pulse decay Permeameter is used to measure gas permeability of rock samples with very low permeability. Use of the pulse decay method allows for the measurement of samples that would be impractical to analyze using traditional steady-state techniques. CFP iPore-1500AEL: The iPore is an advanced capillary flow porometer series, which yields accurate and reproducible data. Each model has appropriate measuring systems with pressure control, sensing, acquisition and data analysis software, sample holders, various unique upgrade options, accessory and consumable kit.