Supercritical Fluid Digital Pumping System

The APP Supercritical Fluid Digital Pumping System (SFDPS) provides accurate pressure generation and control up to 3000 PSI (pneumatic system). The SFDPS is an open system that allows a liquid, typically liquid CO2, to pass through a sample at a user-defined pressure, thereby extracting a desired component. The sample is held in a chamber connected to the SFDPS. We can custom design and provide this chamber to form the complete Supercritical Fluid Extraction System. Alternatively, the chamber can be obtained elsewhere and fitted to the SFDPS.

pvt apparatus

The PVT Apparatus is designed to measure the volume of a given amount of gas or liquid as a function of its temperature and pressure. The apparatus is completely automated and is computer controlled in order to yield precise data.

Automated Burst Pressure Tester

The APP Automated Burst Pressure Tester (ABPT) determines the exact pressure at which materials burst or fail within a pressure range of atmospheric to 5000 PSI (pneumatic system) and atmospheric to 60,000 PSI (hydraulic system). The ABPT is completely microprocessor controlled and fully automated.